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September 23, 2018 at 3:46 pm

It’s my great pleasure to welcome six new Person-Centered Thinking trainers from San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center in California.  I am introducing three here and Tina Calderaro-Mendoza will soon introduce the other three.

Joslyn Culpepper

Joslyn has worked to support people with disabilities for 43 years.  She entered the field fresh out of college, fell in love with the people and the work and never left.  Joslyn began in Residential Facilities and moved into Adult Day Programs.  For the last 25 years, she has felt honored to work within the regional center system to assist men and women to achieve their goals and dreams, first as a Service Coordinator, then as a Manager supervising Service Coordinators.  As a Manager, she has often been involved in training others to develop Person Centered IPPs. Joslyn went to her first California Gathering in 2015 and has had an interest in furthering the use of Person-Centered Thinking concepts and skills since then. Joslyn said, “I’m excited about helping the people have opportunities to use their own voices to communicate what is important to them and what supports are needed as they journey toward empowerment and self-fulfilling lives.”       

Joslyn’s One page description:


Ednalin “Edge” Francisco

Edge has been working with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities since 2000. Her passion began as an in-home Behavioral Interventionist, providing one-to-one support with Children with Autism in the family home. In 2002 – 2008, Edge began working in a Non-Public school for Children with Autism, called Applied Behavioral Consultants (ABC), as an aide in the classroom, to the Lead Technician/Senior Lead supervising and training staff, and then to an Infant Teacher and Special Education Teacher. There she created Lessons Plans, Behavior Plans, provided parent education and assisted in transitioning them out of our Non-Public School back to their local County or School District Classrooms.  In 2008, Edge had the pleasure of work at Regional Center of Orange County, for 5 years, as a Service Coordinator, supporting people ranging in ages from 3-years- old to 68-years-old.  In 2013, Edge moved to San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center as an Early Intervention Service Coordinator, providing support and services to families with a newborn to 3-year-old child with a developmental delay. She collaborates with therapists and the family’s local school districts to allow each child to gain skills need to be independent at home and at school. Edge shared, “With the help of Person-Centered Thinking, I truly do feel the change we all want to see in the world will come. I am proud to be a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer and I look forward in helping be the change we want to see in the world.”

Edge’s one page description:


Perla Zuniga

Perla started her career in education and had the opportunity to work with children with various developmental disabilities. Her interest in pursuing a career working with others with developmental disabilities was sparked by a loved one who later began receiving regional center services. She currently works with adults who live with their families and also adults who live on their own receiving Independent Living Services or Supported Living Services. “I have already seen the changes the use of Person-Centered Thinking skills can bring to the atmosphere of meetings with families. I look forward to playing a role in keeping the momentum going a San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center and the broader community,” shared Perla.

Perla’s one page description:

Please join me in welcoming our newest California trainers!!

September 23, 2018 at 7:46 pm

As shared earlier by Mary Beth, we are delighted to congratulate and welcome to The Learning Community six amazing new PCT Trainers from one of our 21 Regional Centers in CA, San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center. Please help me welcome the following trainers:

Giselle Salas, Manager of Transition Services at San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center.  She has been a part of San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center for 24 years and she is passionate about helping people live to their fullest potential. She is also passionate about training and development and has a great deal of  experience training interns, new staff as well as providing continuous coaching to staff within the organization. She speaks from a place of passion and commitment to the work and to the values of PCT. She takes great pride in preparing herself and staying true to the content and integrity of the training and material. She shared that she is so excited to be part of this community and she looks forward to her continued journey as a Person Centered Trainer.

Lourdes Sanchez, has been working at the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center for 19 years currently as the CMS/HCBS Program Evaluator.  Her early work in Essential Lifestyle Planning to support individuals to move out of the California’s Developmental Centers, gave rise to her passion for Person Centered Thinking and her desire to support individuals to find their forever home as well as supporting them to develop a meaningful life in their own community.  Moreover, she is excited to partner with their local vendor community to assist them in understanding how PCT/Person Centered practices can be the foundation of which to support people while agencies work to implement the Federal Guidelines. She is so happy to be a part of the SG/PRC Person Centered Thinking trainers group, and share her passion with others.

Salvador Gonzalez worked has worked with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health disabilities of all ages since 1998. He began in 1997 at CA State University Chico, where he majored in Adapted Physical Education. Then in 2004 he joined San Gabriel Regional Center beginning as a service coordinator and progressing to his current position of a Manager of Family Services.  He brings a wealth of experience in the field to his role at at San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center where he has worked since 2004 and is currently the Manager of Family Services. He supports his Service Coordinator team in assisting the families in creating an Individual Program Plan (IPP) which best meets that child and family’s needs and drives the services we may be able they strive to provide. His interest in providing PCT to family and children influenced him to become a certified trainer with The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices on July 16, 2018.

To learn more about these amazing group of six trainers please see their contact information and one page description on the CA Trainers page.

October 11, 2018 at 8:27 pm

Welcome and congratulations to all of you at SPGRC!

October 29, 2018 at 10:56 pm

Congratulations, all!!!