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March 4, 2019 at 12:16 pm

It’s March Madness time and what better way to celebrate than saving money!!!!  For the month of March, the Smokey Mountain Gathering of Person-Centered Practices (Tennessee) registration will be discounted!!!!  By how much, you ask?  Depends on what week you register!!!

  • $50 off ($149) March 1<sup>st</sup> – 9<sup>th</sup>
  • $40 off ($159) March 10<sup>th</sup> – 16<sup>th</sup>
  • $30 off ($169) March 17<sup>th</sup> – 23<sup>rd</sup>
  • $20 off ($179) March 24<sup>th</sup> – 31<sup>st</sup>

Hurry now, as we all know how time flies.  Get the best discount early!  To register go to: