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Cumberland Mountain CSB


196 Cumberland Road, Cedar Bluff, VA 24609

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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities/Learning Difficulties, Schools/Transition, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health, Substance Misuse/Abuse

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Trainer: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led)


My Name is Daniel Hess.  I was born July 4th, 1970 in Richlands, Virginia.  I graduated from Garden High School in June of 1990.  After High School, I attended Southwest Virginia Community College and majored in Human Services.  This same year I began working for Cumberland Mountain Community Services at the ICF-MR called Baxter House.  I also continued my education and later I transferred to Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and Development in 1998.  On May 23, 1998 that same year I married Teena Duty from Grundy, VA.   We immediately moved to Grundy and on July 5, 1999, our son, Gabriel Hess was born.  After I completed my Bachelors Degree I took a new Job, still with Cumberland, as a Program Advocate at O.U.R. House.  I remained there for 2 years and then transferred to the MR Case Management.  In 2001, I switched to the Assistant Supervisor of the Residential Support Program where I helped obtain staff to assist individuals living in their own home.  In 2003 we bought a house with a small farm in Lebanon, VA and during this time I also attended Radford University where I finished my Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Development.  I changed jobs in December of 2012 to the Coordinator of Case Management Services, which is the job I remain in today.  I started the process of becoming an endorsed Person Centered Trainer through the Learning Community in 2009.  I was finally endorsed in June 2011.   I currently teach Person Centered Thinking and after 26 years remain employed with Cumberland Mountain Community Services and expect to remain there until retirement.

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