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Institute for Person Centered Practices; Texas Center for Disability Studies, University of Texas at Austin


414 Meadowview Cir, Longview, TX 75604, USA

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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities/Learning Difficulties, Schools/Transition, Physical Disabilities, Aging/Older Persons/End of Life, Mental Health

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Trainer: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led), Mentor: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led), Trainer: Person Centered Plan Facilitation (2 Day Instructor-Led), Mentor: Person Centered Plan Facilitation (2 Day Instructor-Led), Trainer: Families Planning Together (1 Day Instructor-Led), Mentor: Families Planning Together (1 Day Instructor-Led)


Laura G. Buckner has 30 years’ experience in the disability field.  A Licensed Professional Counselor and former special educator, Laura has invested the last 20 years in providing training on the local, state and national levels.  She works with the Texas Center for Disabilities at The University of Texas in Austin and is a founding partner of the Institute for Person Centered Practices. Laura also coordinated the Texas Partners in Policymaking program for 8 years.

Laura is a Certified Mentor Trainer in Person Centered Practices through The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices and currently serves on their Board of Directors.  She has considerable experience facilitating Person-Centered Plans using the materials of The Learning Community, and in training plan facilitators.

Laura believes her greatest expertise comes from her experience as a Mom.  Her 26-year-old son has been both impetus and inspiration to Laura’s work to create inclusive communities…and the plans that enable people to live lives of choice successfully, with the right supports, in those communities.

If you can’t reach Laura, look for her on her beloved road bike.

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