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    My take away from the article was expanded by reading the previous comments from others in this group. I have used various PCT skills to help others that have difficulty getting opportunities to connect by using one pag descriptions, important to/for; working/not working to connect others. A lady completed a one page description and working/not working in her life and let me help her in the process. She could not find an affordable place to live that allowed her to have pets and she loved being read to, but couldn’t read, herself. She did not want to live in an apartment! This helped in connecting her to someone that has a dog and could read, but was having difficulty walking (and her dog) due to age. Using the PCT skills and one page description was vital in helping to begin this new connection. Of course, extended relationships were made in the senior housing community, as a result. How I am using this is by sharing the article with those I supervise to read the article and answer the same questions Michael has posed. Unfortunately, the elderly lady passed away and the other lady moved to a different area to be closer to her family, but it was enriching to both lives while it lasted.