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    I’d like to share a success story that I’m very excited about.

    I had a co-worker complain to me about how much difficulty a friend is going through in hiring someone to assist her with making decisions when going to amusement parks. Her and her friend have posted job ads everywhere and nobody is responding.

    I asked her if she tried a One Page Profile job ad. She gave me a weird look, so I showed her an example of one and described the in’s and outs of staff matching. I think she was a bit skeptical, but she was at the point to where they were desperate. Because of this, I wasn’t too surprised when she emailed me a copy of the one they worked on the next day. It looked awesome! In fact, it looked so good, that I wanted the job!!!

    They posted it on Facebook and within a couple of hours, they have multiple people wanting the position. 🙂