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Do you have learning to share? We would love to hear from you.

We are looking for learning on how to use Person-Centered Thinking, Practices and Planning that complements our theme of “Reflect Reconnect Reimagine. Using Person-Centered Practices to create the lives we desire in an ever-changing world.”

We request that learning be accessible to the diverse attendees we anticipate will attend which includes stakeholders supporting and served by a regional center. We also hope to offer Spanish interpretation of selected sessions and some sessions presented in Spanish.

Suggested Topics

Topics that are of most interest to participants currently are:

  • Person-Centered; plans, planning and facilitation
  • Self-Determination & the role of Person-Centered Planning
  • Cultural Competency & Proficiency in service delivery & supports
  • Home & Community Based Services Waiver & Person-Centered Planning
  • Supporting children & families and aging adults
  • Person Centered planning in organizations & teams
  • Developing meaningful employment opportunities
  • Stories/examples using Person Centered Thinking/ Planning
  • Introductory learning about Person-Centered Planning and Practices in Spanish only session/s

Learn more about the types of sessions offered at the CA Gathering

This is where our all-community conversations, experiences, and sharing will happen. These are designed for all attendees in a large-group format.

These are mini addresses from various community members and friends that thoughtfully blend the best aspects of a keynote and a podcast interview. They are 30-minute session where the guest can share key insights and learning with a host that will also interview and ask clarifying questions. There may be interactive elements such as audience questions and polls.

A presenter-led sharing about experiences and learning about a specific topic in a 60 minute session. If this were an in-person event, this might be called a “breakout session.” There are opportunities for attendee engagement and conversation.

A participant/s-hosted opportunity for learning, sharing, and discussion around a particular topic or question. These are designed to be organic and conversational. Each Learning Marketplace time slot will have up to three concurrent sessions of 60 minutes offered.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to share your learning in the above topic areas or otherwise, please do the following:

  1. Review the session types and the Session Proposal form below. TIP: prepare your proposal prior to submission. Once submissions are made they cannot be changed.
  2. Submit your Session Proposal form below by September 3, 2021.

We will contact you by September 17, 2021 with an update.

Presentation Proposal

Please prepare your proposal prior to submission. Once submissions are made, they cannot be changed.

2021 CA Gathering Presentation Proposal
Provide your first and last name
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Descriptions of each session type can be found earlier on this page.
For sessions conducted in Spanish, please provide the Session Title and Session Description in both English and Spanish. Respond to other fields in English please.

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