Seeing Beyond the Pandemic to
Expanding Person-Centered Supports.

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About The Gathering

Five days of interactive learning, sharing, and connecting. You will quickly realize this is like no other learning event as you make connections that will last a lifetime.

There will be time to listen to others share their learning with large groups, participate in small groups and have casual conversations about topics you’re most interested in.

Why attend?

Connect with others and grow your skills

Learn new ideas, skills, and practices. Meet and connect with community members. And if you’re a certified PCT trainer, attending a TLCPCP Gathering will help you maintain your trainer certification.

Welcome DSPs!

We Appreciate you

This year we focus on the inclusion, recognition, and appreciation of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). We are making a deliberate effort to increase the presence and amplify the voices of DSPs in our work. TLCPCP, in partnership with NADSP, is supporting that participation by providing free registrations for 50 DSPs.

We celebrate the phenomenal work of DSPs and the impact they have on enriching peoples’ lives, and hope that our community will continue to benefit from their perspectives in the future.

What you will get

Our volunteer Agenda Committee has put together a week of engaging online sessions hosted by people leading the way in person-centered practices. Attend sessions live via Zoom or watch recordings afterwards.

KeyCast Events

Podcast-style mini-keynote presentations on issues important to our community

Bulding a Culture of Competence in a Post Covid-19 World

in conversation with Shelbi Davenport

Reflections of a DSP
during the Pandemic and Beyond

in conversation with Shae Dotson

Culturally Relevant Approaches to Training within our Communities

in conversation with Liz Rodgers-Ponce

What Good Direct
Support Looks and
Feels Like

in conversation with Courtney Williams

Other Sessions Include

Past Event Highlights

2019 Highlights

We’re looking forward to being together again in Portland in
July 2022!

2020 "What's Your Take?"

This video collage was created by Kevin Wright from selfies submitted by 2020 Virtual Portland Gathering attendees!


DHS - Oregon Department of Human Services Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

State of Oregon
Office of Developmental Disabilities Services



Centene Corporation


Special thanks to NADSP for their partnership and support of the 2021 Portland Gathering and DSP scholarships.


Scholarships are available to self-advocates and family members

The TLCPCP Board believes active participation of self-advocates and family members in the Gathering is essential for its success and required if TLCPCP is to reflect its values in its actions.

Scholarships are available to self-advocates and family members (who are not also professionals working for an agency) who are actively engaged in using person centered practices and are seen as being able to make a positive contribution to the Annual Gathering.

Scholarship funds may be used toward the cost of registration. In order to maximize the effective use of the limited funds available, we encourage you to explore all alternative ways of paying for your costs.

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