Community Committees

Policy: The work of TLCPCP happens within the structure of committees comprised of volunteers. The committees are created based on the strategy of the organization and the recommendation of the Executive Director. The Executive Director recruits committee chairs, assigns committee charges, and oversees committee work.


  1. Using the organizational strategy, the ED recommends committees to accomplish the work.
    • Committees are added or discontinued within one month of the annual meeting of the TLCPCP.
    • Charges for each committee are assigned within one month of the annual meeting.
    • The Board approves the slate of committees recommended by the ED
    • Upon recommendation of the ED and with approval of the board committees can be convened or discharged any time during the year and committee charges can be modified as needed.
  2. ED provides monthly updates to the TLCPCP board regarding committee work
  3. Based on the bylaws of TLCPCP, and guidance from the ED, committees may design their own approach to conducting their work, including meeting frequency, meeting modality, use of work groups, etc.
  4. TLCPCP Board members are expected to participate in the committee(s) of their choice as members, chairs, or liaisons.
  5. Committees may include but are not limited to: Materials, Credentialing, Finance, Gatherings, Portland Agenda Committee.
4 people in a huddle wearing Volunteer T-shirts


Materials Committee

Committee Chair: Bob Sattler
Email: bs******@sd***.org

Board Liaison: Julia Kenny

One-Page Description for this Committee: Download PDF

Credentialing Committee

Committee Chair: Nolda Ware
Email: n.****@un*******.com

Board Liaison: Yolanda Green

One-Page Description for this Committee: Download

Annual TLCPCP Gathering Committee

Committee Chair: Kirsten Sanchirico
Email: tl****@gm***.com

Board Liaison: Yolanda Green

Mentor Alignment Committee

Committee Chair: Cathy Kluttz-Hile

Board Liaison: Kirsten Sanchirico

Executive Director

Kirsten Sanchirico
Email: tl****@gm***.com