L. Danyetta Najoli, MA, CAP

Since 2000, Danyetta has worked in the disabilities community in a variety of roles including lead direct support professional, apartment coordinator, recreation and leisure coordinator, and currently, as a senior community builder. She also operates a growth mindset and personal foundations practice where she provides learning experiences through coaching and training. Through the development of person-centered cultural humility training for the State of New York’s Department of Health, Danyetta developed the 10 Commitments of Person-Centered Cultural Humility. She hopes these commitments help others want to learn more about the other person(s) and their culture, in order to provide customized support.

During the fall of 2019, Danyetta co-developed The Black American Tree Project which takes into account what happened to Black Americans from pre-colonial Africa to present-day America through an embodied and participatory format followed by courageous community conversations.

Danyetta earned a bachelor of science in business administration from Fisk University and a master of arts in organizational leadership from Regent University. Danyetta has extensive training in leadership and personal coaching from Achieve Global (Formerly Zenger-Miller Frontline Leadership), Harvard Business School, and The Graduate School of Coaching/Coachville. In 2021, Danyetta completed Cornell University’s Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program.

Danyetta serves on the board of Neighbours, Inc. She served on a variety of boards including as vice president of Invest in Neighborhood, a governing board serving 52 community councils in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Danyetta is a two-time Amazon.com best-selling author. She has recently written the book, Micro Shift: Small Changes for Big Results where she details her Release, Allow, Attract, and Act signature coaching program while sharing her personal story of resilience. Danyetta enjoys traveling, writing, singing, and spending time with her husband and two teenage children.

About the Session

This session will be a time of welcoming everyone back as we gradually reemerge into the in-person world of supporting others. Let’s take time to reflect on, honor, and celebrate our diversity and resilience which brings about a greater sense of unity in the work we are doing to support others. We will look at what we have learned about ourselves and those we support, what we might retain from the virtual world, and where we want to go next with our new knowledge gained. We will highlight ways we have stretched and experienced significant growth beyond our comfort zones.

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