Angela Seabrooks


Angela Seabrooks




Burlington, NC

Organization / Affiliation

The Power Zone /


  • I began my career in the human service field in 1989, providing direct care services in a residential program for at risk youth.  I have provided support services for individuals with mental health issues, developmental disabilities, as well as substance use issues in residential settings, community-based settings, and institutional settings. 
  • While the catalyst for my career was direct care support, I began providing online, and on-site, training and consulting services in 2003, offering a variety of courses for mental health providers in areas such as delivering evidence-based therapeutic interventions, effective documentation, cultural competency and diversity, Person Centered Thinking, and many others course required for compliance with national accreditation. 
  • I have spent decades consulting with a variety of providers in the human service field, assisting them in enhancing their training programs and becoming more focused on measuring outcomes.  I also assist them with their national accreditation surveys.  
  • As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Professional Life Coach, I also provide virtual therapeutic support, life coaching and health and wellness coaching for my clients. I also assist mental health agencies with developing wellness programs to provide self-care support for their employees. 

Focus Areas

Child Welfare / Adoption, Corrections / Juvenile Justice, Employment, Employment / Vocational, Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities, Learning Difficulties, Mental Health / Behavioral Health, Organizational Change / System Change, Substance Misuse / Abuse

Trainer Certifications

TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking

Person Centered Description