Elaine Wheeler


Elaine Wheeler




New Hampshire

Organization / Affiliation

Community Bridges


Roy Gerstenberger


Elaine Wheeler has been working with families and individuals with developmental disabilities for the last 11 years.  As a Case Manager, she is skilled at working with teams to highlight a person’s capacities and dreams, problem solve and dig deep using person centered practices.  She is passionate about encouraging the families she supports to learn, grow and advocate for their loved one.

In addition to her work as a Case Manager, she is also the advisor to a group of young self-advocates who discuss and act on issues and topics important to them.  By applying a variety of person centered thinking and planning concepts, tools and strategies, she encourages self-advocates to develop goals that are important to them as young adults, not just to their families or teams.  She has also recently piloted an advocacy group for local high schools. Each month self-advocates work on skills such as problem solving, public speaking and identifying what is important to them as well as for them.  She loves seeing how engaged these groups are, and is in turn inspired by them.

Elaine is committed to bringing forth person-centered practices within her agency, in a practical and creative ways across a variety of environments.

Focus Areas

Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities, Learning Difficulties, Schools / Transition

Trainer Certifications

TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking