Evelyn McGill


Evelyn McGill


Lowell, NC, USA


Ana Marshall


I am a dually licensed Clinician for substance use and mental health services. I have been a PCT Trainer since 2010. I have 23 years of counseling experience in the mental health and substance use field serving adults, families and adolescents. I have held positions as  a Crisis Counselor, Psychiatric Technician, Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Director, Outpatient Therapist and Utilization Reviewer. 

I believe my role as a Professional Counselor is to assist clients in making positive changes and to actively participate in the treatment process to empower clients. I consider myself a helper and a teacher. 

Focus Areas

Corrections / Juvenile Justice, Mental Health / Behavioral Health, Substance Misuse / Abuse

Trainer Certifications

TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking