Garrett Petrie


Garrett Petrie




400 NE Stinson Boulevard

Organization / Affiliation

Minnesota Department of Education


One-Page Description for Garrett Petrie

Garrett Petrie is an Education Specialist for the State of Minnesota. You can find information about the position purpose from Garrett’s position description in the last section.

People Like & Admire These Things about Garrett

  • Calmness
  • Relentlessly positive
  • Doggedly persistent
  • ‘Big picture’ thinking
  • Has a vision
  • Steadfast
  • Strategic processor

This is Important to Garrett:

  • Enough time to finish work, at work
  • Focusing on family while at home

…and this keeps Garrett fulfilled:

  • Time to think as a team, balanced with time to work
  • Knowing purpose
  • Knowing impact

Supports that Garrett needs to be Healthy, Safe & Fulfilled:

  • Scheduled activities with agendas
  • Logic models
  • Shared tools that get improved slowly over time (no ‘one-time only’ data sheets!)
  • Time set aside to work in cube

People who best support Garrett are:

  • Highly rational
  • Focused on quality, not quantity of check-ins
  • Have a long-term vision
  • Not easily flustered

Position Purpose from Garrett’s Position Description

Garrett provides “leadership, consultation and direction regarding special education programs and services for children and youth with developmental cognitive disabilities (DCD)…”

Garrett also “provides leadership, consultation and direction on workgroups and initiatives in areas that are priorities for this population of students and staff, including access to instruction based-on academic standards, standards-based IEPs, participation in statewide assessment, implementation of evidence-based practices and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).”

Please email Garrett Petrie for questions or alternate versions of this One-Page Description for these or other specific roles and purposes. Email Eric Kloos to request a current copy of Garrett’s position description.

Focus Areas

Employment, Employment / Vocational, Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities, Schools / Transition

Trainer Certifications

TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking

Person Centered Description