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Joe Donofrio


(626) 359-3300


348 East Foothill Boulevard, Arcadia, CA, USA

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Joe has dedicated his life to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 40 years. His dedication led him to Co-found CHOICESS, the first organization in California devoted to supporting individuals with disabilities so that they can live a full and meaningful life through Supported Living Services. Together, his organization has mentored 4 other organizations to provide supported/independent living services throughout California.

Each and every individual should live a meaningful life. One of the ways Joe has seen to this happening for people was to take a lead role that provides training, mentoring and coaching on how Person centered Practices can assist individuals and their families to achieve their vision for their life. The approach to Person Centered Practices is the foundation for people to have control and be at the center of their life with all those that care and love them. These practices assist individuals receiving services, family members and organizations to ensure that they too empower people to create the outcomes that they desire.

Working together, with other colleagues to coach, mentor, and teach the principles of participatory leadership for growing and existing organizations is something of a passion for Joe. In the second half of his life, and with a daughter with autism he finds the need to support our service system that encourages organizations to be built with the fundamental practices of rooted in Person Centered practices. Even with the mandates from our Federal and State governments, our existing companies and funding systems are still designed in practices that do not embody a structure that empowers all. There is still a ton of work to do to have a safe system that supports all in an inclusive and meaningful manner. Joe is dedicated to sharing, teaching and coaching these practices. 


Certifications and practices:

Mentor PCT trainer

PCT coaches training

Positive productive meetings

Plan Facilitation

PCT Risk

PCT supervison

PCT Planning ahead/end of life

Art of Convening 

Art of Hosting techniques

World cafe

Theory U


Focus Areas

Aging / Older Persons / End of Life, Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities

Trainer Certifications

MENTOR: Person Centered Thinking, TRAINER: Person Centered Plan Facilitation, TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking