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I earned my Masters in Education/Teaching in 2004 and have worked in both public and private school systems with an emphasis on working with students with special needs.  I have lived and worked in a variety of community settings that resulted in working with students and families that have a range of access to services and information.   In my personal life, I am deeply involved in providing support to an individual with a condition that results in a variety of challenges for which they require additional supports.  Currently, I am employed by Driscoll Health Plan as an Informatics Analyst and Trainer for the STAR Kids/Population Health Programs serving children with disabilities.  I have a passion for seeing that individuals with disabilities are empowered to become a valuable and accepted part of their communities, and that they are afforded the same opportunities to follow their dreams and desires for a quality life.  I was introduced to the principles of Person Centered Thinking as an integral part of the STAR Kids program.  I strongly believe that the concepts taught in Person Centered Thinking are vital to every level of support; from family members and those providing direct care, service coordination, or over-sight, to quality management/reporting, and leadership of any organization associated with the Member.  Person Centered Thinking leads to a better life for the individuals that we support based on partnerships and mutual respect.  My trainings come from the perspective of an advocate for individuals with disabilities as well as one who is responsible for training individuals across disciplines to work in a person centered manner. I have seen the positive effect that person centered thinking can bring, first to individuals, but also to families, communities, and organizations. Person Centered Thinking skills work for all people at all levels and result in better lives. 

Focus Areas

Chronic Illness, Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities, Organizational Change / System Change, Physical Disabilities

Trainer Certifications

TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking

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