Susan Goss


Susan Goss




1550 Guadalupe Road, Nipomo, CA, USA

Organization / Affiliation

Be the Change Agents, LLC


Bob Sattler


I worked for over 14 years as a trusted service provider supporting people of all ages with intellectual disabilities to achieve goals they set for themselves and to live the life of their choosing. In partnership with Tri-Counties Regional Center and other agency partners, I have delivered the curriculum as a certified Person Centered Thinking Trainer since 2007 and in 2018 I became a certified PCT Mentor Trainer. In 2020, I began delivering the curriculum remotely via Zoom. I intend to sustain Person Centered Thinking philosophy through modeling from a genuine Person Centered approach, offering formal training to agencies including Regional Centers and service providers and mentoring future trainers for many years to come. If you are in need of PCT training or planning services or are interested in becoming a certified trainer please reach out to me at 805-310-1058 or [email protected]

Focus Areas

Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities

Trainer Certifications

MENTOR: Person Centered Thinking