Tina Calderaro-Mendoza


Tina Calderaro-Mendoza




Ohio, USA


Teresa Idris of OTAC 2006


I am a passionate, agile, engaging change management leader of 22 years, supporting employees and people served by the CA Regional Center System ( contracted out with the State of CA Dept of Developmental Disabilities Services)  with Person-Centered Thinking, Planning and Practices, strategic planning, organizational development and as Mentor Trainer with TLCPCP for over 16 years certifying PCT Trainers, Mentors. I love creating curriculum and designing learning opportunities that are rooted in the principles and practices of person-centered planning in order to assist anyone who desires to deepen their own learning around how to support the whole person or themselves to have a life of meaning, inclusion, belonging, contribution, valued social roles and choice in their own communities. I appreciate being able to co-create opportunities to share our learning in order to maximize each person’s gifts, skills and strengths as we work together to strengthen communities so that each individual can be a contributing member of their own community in a way that works for them.

Focus Areas

Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities

Trainer Certifications

MENTOR: Person Centered Thinking