Wendy Roberts


Wendy Roberts




Dallas, TX, USA


David Toback/Patrick Lane


Hi, my name is Wendy Roberts. I have over 27 years of experience working with people diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It started back in Kansas when I was a teen. My mother was a 4th generation teacher, and my father worked for an ICF Facility. He decided to become a Provider with the State of Kansas, and open up Group Homes. From the age of 17 years old, I assisted him with becoming certified and opening the business.  While going to college, I continued to work at different types of facilities as Direct Care Staff, Day Program Staff, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Certified Medication Aide, all while remaining active with the behind the scenes of my father’s Group Homes.

In 1998, life brought me to Texas with my young family. For 8 years, as a Director of a nationally known Day Care Center, I provided the supportive environment to allow all children, with and without disabilities, grow to their full potential. In 2005, I decided that I needed to take the path back to the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities world.  I started working with Lakes Regional Community Center.  I am still calling this company my home away from home, 17 years later . With the knowledge and experience, as well as having teaching in my DNA, I have enjoyed helping enrich the lives of the people we serve. My goal is to continue to work towards gaining further credentials in the training field, so that I can assist different programs with developing  safe, healthy, and happy environments which will allow for anyone to become the best version of themselves and achieve goals that have only been in their dreams. 

Focus Areas

Employment / Vocational, Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities, Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities

Trainer Certifications

TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking

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