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348 E Foothill Blvd, Arcadia, CA 91006, USA

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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities/Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities, Aging/Older Persons/End of Life

TLCPCP Trainer Certifications

Trainer: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led), Mentor: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led)


Joe is currently the founder of We Gather 2 Listen—a comprehensive business all about reaching out and connecting to others with effortless thinking, productive gathering, and genuine listening. Joe is a certified Art of Convening trainer and is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations become empowered by using conversational leadership techniques to create an authentic community of learning.

Joe’s incredible, wholehearted compassion and commitment led him to co-found CHOICESS, the first program in California supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to live an independent lifestyle. His drive and passion led him to dedicate his life to these individuals and their families for over 30 years now. This is just one of many organizations that resulted from his incredible love and commitment in assisting individuals, families, and organizations to create the change they desire together.

However, Joe didn’t stop at CHOICESS—he continued to devote his time and heart in developing programs that improved the lives of individuals. He co-founded CIRCL to provide technical assistance to enhance Community Living Services to individuals with developmental challenges. Through CIRCL, Joe created networks to mentor, foster, and provide learning opportunities that allow people to contribute and exchange ideas with one another.

If that wasn’t already enough, Joe became a certified PCT trainer and later a mentor through the Learning Community of Person Centered Practices. He has developed an appreciative perspective that teaches people the concept of “when you understand a person you are more capable of caring for them.” Joe’s way of being allows him to gather individuals with disabilities and their families to create a life of meaning, purpose, and understanding. He now trains other agencies, service coordinators, families, and individuals to move together in authentic ways of being.

Joe is also involved and concerned with finding alternative solutions to the economic challenges faced by many today. Joe knows that each person matters and plays a crucial role in his/her own community. He was able to present a unique program that connects and gathers these people to support one another through their own unique gifts and talents. By introducing the Temple City TimeBank, Joe has enabled a community to bond together and realize that we all have something to contribute.

Not only does Joe balance an amazing amount of programs and events, he does so with a huge slice of soul pie topped with enthusiasm and care. Joe’s big heart and determination allow him to change his community one event, workshop, and program at a time.

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