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Keisia Sobers-Butler

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Driscoll Health Plan


Corpus Christi, TX, USA

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Schools/Transition, Physical Disabilities

TLCPCP Trainer Certifications

Trainer: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led)


Keisia is a  Person Centered Trainer  for the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices. Her greatest accomplishment is parenting her awesome, talented, beautiful and courageous 16 year old daughter, Bailey.  She navigates Bailey through her daily medical challenges and advocates passionately for her, and those like her who may not have a voice.  Keisia became interested in the learning community and attended her first class in Fall 2015.  Immediately she fell in love with the concept and felt the need to share her knowledge of the disabled community and her passion of training by becoming a Certified Person Centered Trainer.  Keisia believes in the framework of this philosophy and knows first hand the personal and professional deficits that can exist for a family or organization.  Through the certification process, she studied the material and carefully threaded stories of Bailey to parallel the skills of Person Centered Thinking. With every training she sees the importance of the application to her current role and demonstrates  her competency of the skills in a myriad of situations to include the managed care organizations’ role.
Keisia is employed by Driscoll Childrn’s Health Plan as the Senior Director of Service Coordination for the STAR Kids product line.  Keisia is a Certified Managed Care Registered Nurse who has a  Master’s Degree in Nursing, and Bachelor Degrees in Nursing and Business Administration. She is currently pursing her Doctorate in Nursing Leadership at the University of Texas at Tyler. In addition In addition, Keisia serves on the Advisory Board for the Texas Council on Consumer Direction which advises the Health and Human Services Commission on the delivery of services in all programs offering Long Term Service and Supports.  Keisia is a  mother, wife, friend, advocate, educator, and change agent who is committed to ensuring a needed change in the community through her love of teaching.   Keisia believes her personal and professional  experiences afford her the opportunity to advocate for ” better plans, not better paper.”

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