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Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion


2516 Patricia Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 2H4, Canada

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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities/Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities, Aging/Older Persons/End of Life, Mental Health

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Trainer: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led)


Lyn King has a lengthy history within the Canadian Community Living movement, beginning with her work as an integration worker in her late teens. Over the past 3 decades she has witnessed the closure of all BC’s major institutions, while actively welcoming former residents back to their home communities. Lyn joined Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion as a Residential Coordinator in 1988, as the association took part in the closure of Woodlands and Glendale. Lyn, who received her Bachelors degree in Community Rehabilitation from the University of Calgary, joined the management team as Manager of Outreach and Integrated Family Services in 2006. She became the Senior Manager of Human Resources and Quality Assurance in 2011. In 2015 she added management of 4 residential group homes for people living with medical fragilities to her portfolio.
For many years Lyn has shared her day-to-day life with folks with disabilities — from living in group homes for children and adults, to fostering a multiply disabled teenager, and for the past 20 years sharing her home with 2 adults who require some supports.
The opportunity to live and work so intimately with people has taught her the importance of natural supports in everyone’s lives. “The more people you have in your life who know you, love you and are physically present, the healthier, happier and safer you are over time. “(Mitch Loreth)
Lyn believes passionately in the importance of friendships in peoples lives and believes by increasing the opportunities for people with challenges to engage in Connectable Moments, we can create opportunities for people with and without disabilities to meet and spend time together in ways that may spark friendships. These Connectable Moments build up and become the foundations of relationships. They happen in ordinary communities, to all of us.
Lyn is proud of the contributions she has been able to make in the field of community living. Her strong belief in the principles of Person Centred thinking, planning and doing, has led to individuals with complex health needs leading safe and enriched lives in community; supporting individuals to share their hopes and dreams through access to, and the use of, augmentative communication, and; supporting individuals to live in their own homes and much more.

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