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14502 W 83rd St, Lenexa, KS 66215, USA

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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities/Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities, Aging/Older Persons/End of Life, Mental Health

TLCPCP Trainer Certifications

Trainer: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led), Mentor: Person Centered Thinking (2 Day Instructor-Led)


My passion over the many years working with and supporting families and people with intellectual disabilities began in 1978 during this time I worked in an institutional setting.  Even during that time and given what we knew then, many of us knew great change needed to occur.

During the 1980’s-90’s:  I learned as much I could about person-centered planning processes (Connie Lyle/ John Obrien, Marsha Forest, Judith Snow, Ann Turnbull Marsha Forest, David Pitonyak and of course Michael Smull).

Mid 90”s:  Michael consulted w/ the State of Missouri, early days of ELP trainers – I became a trainer and then a mentor trainer.  I was also amongst the first, very small group of wonderful, talented and creative people who met for the first time in Oregon and who eventually developed The Learning Community for PC Practices.
Michael, his teaching and his words have been a powerful inspiration that will last with me and inspire me – always.

I continue with my daily work of providing person-centered thinking training and implementation. Because it is my way of life and thinking, I utilize PCT in my personal life and in my position as a Mental Health Manager/Quality Assurance. I supervise a wonderful team of QA Specialists, RN’s and Self –Advocate (Adv. Specialist).

PCT has helped me with supporting our organizations, facilitating my team meetings, during performance reviews, and other critical management meetings, etc. I provided PCT and follow up for our Quality Assurance staff and Advocacy Specialists statewide to support our Quality of Services Review process for our state (it started with buy-in from the top). My staff and I have developed a team one-page description (profile) that facilitates critical discussions about change. Local Organizational changes: This is also leading to my organization developing an organizational one page description to include other hopeful organizational changes.  More to come!!!!!

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