2024 Gathering

July 16-18, 2024
In-Person: $249.00 | Virtual: $175.00

Progress Through Partnerships

Norfolk, VA

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About the 2024 Gathering

The 2024 Gathering will be offered as a hybrid event meaning participants and presenters will have the option to attend either in-person in Norfolk, VA OR remotely!

To ensure anyone can join the event, we plan to offer a remote option for joining that would allow participants to view select sessions remotely, connect with other community members and enjoy the best parts of this event from the comfort of their own homes. Presenters also have the ability to present either in person or remotely as well.

Keynote Speaker (Virtual)

Rodrigo Souza

Adaptive/Accessible Yoga Instructor

July 16, 2024
11:15-12:45am EST/10:15-11:45 CST/9:15-10:45 MT/8:15-9:45 PT

Keynote Speaker (In-Person)

Fletcher Cleaves

Motivational Speaker, “The Wheelchair Nomad”

July 17, 2024
11:15-12:45am EST/10:15-11:45 CST/9:15-10:45 MT/8:15-9:45 PT

Keynote Speaker (In-Person)

Kitty Norton


July 18, 2024
11:15-12:45am EST/10:15-11:45 CST/9:15-10:45 MT/8:15-9:45 PT
Flop. Fail. Flourish: A dementia family caregiver’s journey to Person Centered Care

Who Attends?

Everyone is welcome! This is the signature gathering of person-centered trainers, mentors and peers that support people across the globe! The Gathering offers something for everyone! Register today and we can’t wait to see you in July!


TLCPCP Gatherings Include:

Brief updates on the overall state of the larger learning community, trainer & mentor updates.

Freedom and flexibility to participate in ways that are meaningful to you. We always say you can “vote with your feet.” If you find yourself in a session that is not resonating with you, no one will be offended if you leave to find a better fit.

Casual and style. Many of us break out our shorts and flip flops, others of us wear our stylish business casual. Do you. Be comfortable.

Fun and silliness and lots of hugs.

Opportunities to contribute. We are a community of volunteers. Jump in; offer to help and get to know some new people.


After Hours Activities – Check It Out!

Click Here to view a PDF of various after hours activities in Norfolk, VA. This list includes transportation options, various locations for shopping, viewing, etc., restaurants, and activities and restaurants in Virginia Beach as well.

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