About Us

Our Vision

All people have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves.

Our Purpose

To foster a global community that shares knowledge about supporting people in getting the lives they want. Our focus is on people who do not have positive control or are at risk of losing positive control because of society’s response to the presence of a disability.

Family including child in a wheel chair sitting outdoors together in summer

Our Core Values


  • We use person centered thinking skills in all our work
  • We share learning generously
  • We nurture creativity and resourcefulness

Respect and Trust

  • We are transparent and ethical
  • We celebrate and reflect diversity


  • We promote partnership
  • We identify and solve problems together
  • We make it easy for people to participate in our community
  • We include people with all types of lived experience of disability

What We Do

  • Encourage, support, and share learning to help people get lives they want
  • Promote sharing and learning through virtual and in-person gatherings and webinars and an interactive website
  • Develop and share training and planning materials
  • Set criteria for excellence for coaches, facilitators, trainers, and mentors who use TLCPCP concepts and materials
  • Identify and promote best practices in planning and support