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Terms of Use of Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property may not be used as part of any online training modules without explicit written permission of TLCPCP. We do not charge for use of intellectual property that is delivered in person by certified TLCPCP trainers in classroom settings. We do require that we be informed when our material is used for other purposes and that proper attribution be made using the language below.

This language should be included with any video, website, curriculum, document, photo and any other resource that uses the intellectual property of TLCPCP.  We also require that users share back learning from their experience using our intellectual property, which is why the inclusion of our website is so important.

We also require that our training curricula only be used by and distributed to certified trainers.  please see our network if you are interested in training.  TLCPCP does not provide training directly and does not benefit financially from the work of trainers in our network.

Attribution Language

The **name of resource** includes person centered concepts, principles and materials used with permission from The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices. Find out more at https://tlcpcp.com.

Please review our Website Linking Policy before distributing links to TLCPCP.com. We reserve the right to deny use if our intellectual property is not used in accordance with the principles of person centered thinking and planning.

For questions regarding Terms of Use of TLCPCP materials, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest and your work in helping people in gain positive control over the lives they want.