Plan Facilitation

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In the Person Centered Thinking world, we refer to content experts and process experts. Content experts are the people who best know and love the person we are planning with. Process experts are those people who are skilled at having conversations with content experts to facilitate the gathering of information about what is Important TO and Important FOR a person, the connection and balance between the two, and the supports a person needs to achieve that balance and move toward a life they value.

Person-Centered Plan Facilitation is a training curriculum that is in the process of being revised by a workgroup within TLCPCP. It is being specifically designed to share best practices in plan facilitation that will accompany and inform other planning processes and documents that may be required in systems and organizations. This curriculum will be co-created by people with lived experiences with disability, family members, and an array of advocates and professional facilitators/trainers.

When finalized, Plan Facilitation training will prepare candidates to be Process Experts and facilitate discovery in a way that keeps the person at the center of the process.

Contact the Materials Committee if you are interested in making a contribution to this effort.