Board of Directors

The TLCPCP Board of Directors is the governing body of the learning community. It is composed of members of the learning community who have expressed an interest in serving the community in a leadership capacity and bring needed skill to the leadership team. Terms are three year terms and directors may serve up to two consecutive terms.

The TLCPCP Board meets regularly throughout the year. Meeting agendas are developed in collaboration with the larger community and minutes and agendas are available for review by registered participants in the community.

Shared files

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Meet the Board

  • CO-CHAIR: Tanya Richmond
  • CO-CHAIR: Michael McLellan
  • SECRETARY: Menorca Collazo
  • VICE-CHAIR: Lindsey Spoon
  • VICE-CHAIR: Yolanda Green
  • TREASURER: Julia Kenny
  • Lori Hauge
    Immediate Past Chair, ex officio
  • Michael W. Smull
    Founder & Emeritus
  • James White

Board Operation

The Board operates according to Bylaws which are reviewed regularly by the BOD Governance Committee. For purposes of governance and oversight the TLCPCP Board maintains executive and governance committees.

The executive committee is composed of the TLCPCP officers, including the President/Chair, Vice-President/Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. The founding chair serves as an ex-officio member of the executive committee.

For purposes of organizational continuity, the outgoing chair serves on the executive committee for one calendar year. If the outgoing chair’s allowable board terms have been expended, the membership on the committee and the board is adjunct and ex-officio.

The governance committee provides governance guidance to the board, including regularly reviewing bylaws and policy and procedure. The governance committee also serves as the nominating committee to recruit and recommend members to the TLCPCP Board of Directors.

The Board Chair may assign ad hoc board committees as needed to meet organizational needs.

Board Meetings

  • The TLCPCP Board of Directors meets the 2nd Monday of each month 4:00-5:30 ET, unless it is a US holiday or the Friday before a US holiday. For months with holidays, the meeting occurs the next Friday following the holiday. Special meetings may be called, and meetings may be canceled or rescheduled in accordance with TLCPCP Bylaws.
  • Meetings are open to participants of TLCPCP. If you have business you’d like to bring to a meeting, please follow the guidelines for submitting agenda items, as our board meetings are generally pretty tightly scheduled. Just like other positions in TLCPCP, BOD positions are 100% volunteer, so we work hard to be respectful of people’s time.
  • The Annual Meeting is held as soon as practical after the Portland Gathering.
    • The meeting is in the form of a day-long or multi-session retreat focused on strategic planning for the community.
    • The retreat is planned by the executive committee of the board, with the Executive Director leading the planning. Outside facilitators may be engaged to assist with the retreat.

Agenda & Meeting Mnutes

  • Agendas are drafted by the executive committee of the TLCPCP board and sent to the entire board for finalization.
  • Any registered participant in the learning community may submit proposed agenda items to the executive board for agenda consideration.
  • Final agendas are posted to an agreed-upon virtual space one week prior to board meetings.
  • Meeting minutes are submitted to the board for review at least 48 hours prior to the next meeting.
  • Previous meeting minutes are approved at each board meeting and posted to an agreed-upon virtual space no later than one week prior to the next board meeting.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order serves as the guide for the TLCPCP Board in conducting meetings. For practical purposes, the TLCPCP Board secretary serves as an informal parliamentarian.