Organizational Change

Low angle shot of smiling diverse office employee looking at camera hugging happy with career choice or company, excited multiethnic work team standing in circle engaged in team building activity
Photo of a graphically facilitated plan for an organization hanging on a wall, titled "Taking Leadership Personally"

Our work is built on what we call Level One Change. That is change that occurs at the level of the individual person. It is based on action that any single person can take all on their own to positively impact the lives of people living with disability. We have an army of Level One Change agents! Even more magic happens and shifts happen faster when we influence change at the organizational level.

Our trainers and mentor trainers are working with organizations to help them become person-centered in practice as well as in planning. The organizations that are successful in implementing plans are the organizations that have integrated the values that are in plans into all aspects of the organization, from operations to human resources to finance.