Michael Bern


Michael Bern




1570 South Railroad Avenue, Crescent City, CA, USA

Organization / Affiliation

New Dawn Support Services


Claudia Bolton


I have doing SLS for 23 years, and have been teaching PRO-ACT for most of that time.  I began my journey towards becoming a Person Centered Thinking trainer and mentor in 2009 when I applied to the Good to Great curriculum being offered thru the Redwood Coast Regional Center at that time.  I was not chosen, but was given an opportunity to  apply again in 2011.  I became a credentialed trainer in 2011, and a mentor trainer in 2018. I facilitate classes for our employees, but also to the community at large.  We have over 100 employees in our organization, and I am passionate about using the skills within our day to day work, and imbedding it within our agency.

Focus Areas

Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities

Trainer Certifications

MENTOR: Person Centered Thinking, TRAINER: Person Centered Thinking